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Quantitative Trading

Utilize superior on- and off-chain datasets, a performant API, near real-time data delivery, proprietary on-chain signals, and immutable 'Point-in-time' data to refine and bolster your automated trading strategies.

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Discretionary Trading

Redefine your trading strategy with tools to monitor adoption trends, gauge market temperature, enhance trades, set up real-time risk alerts, and employ our no-code backtesting tool.

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Research and Analysis

Empower your insights with rich contextual data, in-depth market analysis, high-resolution data access, cutting-edge research, and quick-query API to accelerate your exploration.

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Exchange Risk Management

Gain precision in risk assessment through meticulous data clustering, near real-time exchange flow tracking, detailed supply and demand analysis, and early detection of exchange runs with customizable alerts.

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Out now: Digital Assets Market Trends Report

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Glassnode and CME Group collaboration

In this joint publication, we provide institutional investors with the latest data-driven insights on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the broader digital asset landscape.

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