Don't let market uncertainties dictate your trading decisions

With Glassnode's advanced analytics, you can navigate the digital asset market with enhanced precision and confidence, making informed trading decisions based on data you won't find anywhere else.

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Stay ahead of the trend with cutting-edge on-chain intelligence

Unlock a new level of insight into the behaviour, sentiment, and intentions of market participants within the digital asset ecosystem.

  • IconCohort Profit & Loss Tracking: Leverage deep blockchain P&L insights to fine-tune your trading strategies
  • IconWallet Labeling & Entity Clustering: Access clean, actionable data through grouped wallets and granular investor cohorts
  • IconDerivatives Data Edge: Utilize powerful off-chain market data from 20+ top exchanges

Elevate your risk management and optimize capital rotation timing

Safeguard against downside risks and ensure prime market positioning for enhanced returns.

  • IconTrack the flow of funds and capital rotation between digital assets
  • IconIdentify periods of excess leverage and speculation
  • IconPosition yourself for market inflection points by tracking investor sentiment and behavioural shifts

Unlock the all-in-one analytics suite

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Comprehensive Metrics Library

3000+ on-chain and derivatives metrics from 20+ exchanges, covering BTC, ETH, LTC and 136 ERC-20 tokens


Custom Dashboards

Organise your metrics all in one place, and access themed dashboards curated by our pro analysts.


Workbench Chart Builder

Craft custom charts and backtest strategies effortlessly with Glassnode's Workbench. No coding required.


Advanced Alerts

Set alerts for your charts and be instantly notified when key levels are triggered. Alerts are sent via email or Telegram.


High performance API

Our high performance API empowers you to take your models and strategies to the next level. It is designed for speed and precision.

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Gain a new perspective on key market factors

Entities and Exchanges

Understand the movement and distribution of coin supply between wallets and entities like exchanges, whales and short-term holders

Entities and Exchanges
Entities and Exchanges
Entities and Exchanges
Discretionary Trading Pdf


On-chain analytics for discretionary trading

Jumpstart your journey into the world of on-chain analysis and find out how you can apply Glassnode’s tools in your trading.

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Enhance your strategies with Glassnode

Explore how Glassnode can redefine your approach to trading and investing in the digital asset market. Reach out to our dedicated sales team and get a tailored demo today.

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