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Performant API

The Glassnode API offers live and historical on-chain and crypto market data delivered through a single REST API, providing an easy-to-access and uniform gateway to all metrics available on Glassnode.

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Point-in-Time Metrics

Backtest your models using Glassnode's cutting edge Point-in-Time metrics. These freeze data points in history, providing an accurate picture of the status quo at your chosen time.

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Quality Data

Data quality is our highest priority. In order to ensure first-grade data, all our metrics undergo a rigorous QA procedure by our in-house data team before being deployed to production.

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Cutting-Edge Metrics

With the right metrics, blockchain data can provide insights that go far beyond simple aggregate statistics. By applying state-of-the-art methods from data science to extract patterns and trends, we provide contextualised and highly curated insights.

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Backtest using Point-in-Time metrics

Download our comprehensive report on Point-in-Time metrics to backtest your models using historically accurate on-chain data.

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