On-chain data solutions for quantitative trading

Leverage Glassnode’s high-fidelity on-chain and financial market data to supercharge your models, expand your backtests, and find new strategies to beat the market.

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Identify untapped market opportunities with best-in-class digital asset data

Glassnode's unrivalled metric library equips quants with robust data for optimizing models, automations, and backtesting strategies.

  • IconLongest-running on-chain data collection in the industry with 1000+ unique BTC metrics and extensive altcoin coverage
  • IconComprehensive market data from 20+ top exchanges
  • IconContextualised data interpretation and expert insights
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Build and execute faster with our performant, unified REST API

Built for speed, efficiency, and precision, our API enables seamless integration of on- and off-chain data with your models and automations.

  • IconBaseline latency of just 220 ms
  • IconSupports high call volumes (up to 1200 per minute)
  • IconData updates aligned with blockchain block intervals
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Amplify your strategies with expert tools

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Precise Entity-Adjustments

Industry-leading labelling and clustering technology removes noise and delivers a clear picture of market participant behaviour.

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Experimental Trading Indicators

Proprietary signals to guide portfolio allocation and predict short-term trends, tested and deployed by leading hedge funds.

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'Point-in-Time' Metrics

Immutable metrics eliminate data revisions and look-ahead bias for consistent backtesting and model validation. Unique to Glassnode.

Learn how Glassnode is pushing the boundaries

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Report: Avoid look-ahead bias with Glassnode's first-in-the-industry solution

Explore the methodology behind our immutable Point-in-Time metric suite.

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