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Introducing: Cointime Economics

Glassnode and ARK Invest are happy to announce Cointime Economics, a new framework designed to help traders and researchers gain more accurate insights into market movements.

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Leverage the top market intelligence suite for cryptocurrency

Build confidence and find your edge using our suite of tools to break down and understand blockchain data.

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Hundreds of institutions use Glassnode to shape their trading strategy and better understand the digital asset industry.

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Discretionary crypto trading

Leverage key dashboards and visualized on- and off-chain metrics to time your trades and manage risk for your portfolio. Build a better understanding of network adoption, participant behavior and supply dynamics. Employ our no-code backtesting tool to visualize your strategies against historical data.

Systematic and quantitative crypto trading

Use our industry-leading Bitcoin and Ethereum on-chain and off-chain datasets to inform your strategy. With our API, you can design, train, and backtest your trading models using our immutable data history, giving you complete confidence to live trade and manage portfolio risk.

Crypto research

Examine crucial blockchain metrics to recognize network health, supply dynamics and participant behavior. Use our extensive metrics library to visualize data and build your own custom charts with our Workbench feature.

Our analysts help you make sense of the market with best-in-class content

We constantly analyze major trends for insights to lead web3 forward, together.

The Fall of the FTX Empire - Glassnode Onchain Analysis

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